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What is an IDENTITY?

What is an identity? Psychology Today says “Identity encompasses the memories, experiences, relationships, and values that create one’s sense of self.”

For Dewey children, that means getting to know one of New Hampshire’s amazing creatures. Children learn about their animal identity's habitat, eating habits, physical being, and what part they play in our ecology in a personal way. Not only do they come to know their own animal, but the properties of their classmates' creatures as well. As adults we may have our favorites such as the amazing Pileated woodpecker or sweet opossum and then tend to shy away from others such as snakes, skunks, or bees. But all of our creatures have a place in our ecosystem. From our smallest creatures, cricket and ladybug, to our larger mammals such as the coyote or bear, and all of the birds, reptiles, and amphibians in between, we want the children to value all creatures great and small as well as each other. Nothing is more powerful than having the identity of the Great Blue Heron and seeing it gracefully fly overhead, feet out and neck back. It is a moment of awe...a connection to our earth.



Dec 11-Dec 29 Magic Journey

December 22 Solstice Celebration

Dec 23-Jan 4  Holiday Vacation

Jan 22 Community Event at Gunstock



to our December birthday friends

Liam                        Dec 6

Josie                        Dec 6

Erin                         Dec 14

Annette                   Dec 30


The Dewey School would welcome donations of any of the following:


Floor puzzles (trains, dinosaurs, wildlife, nature, states, alphabet)

Sensory Bin Fillers:

*packing peanuts

*cardboard tubes

*bird seed

*cotton balls

*rubber bands


Materials and Tools

*tape: colored masking tape

*smallish shovels

Outside Messy Materials

*rope for bridges

*plastic culvert


*outdoor musical instruments





Think Gardening

Real gardening tools for our garden

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