Caregiver Information

Welcome to The Dewey School!

This page is for Dewey families and provides links that will help you become involved in our school.


Please take the time to read the Caregivers Handbook. It will provide you with necessary information for you and your child. We look forward to learning and growing with you at The Dewey School.


Mindy Beltramo, Executive Director


ROOTS Wee Ones Walks This program is for children ages 0-3 years and their caregiver. Its a great way to get your wee-one rooted in the natural world. Walks are twice a month for about an hour and a half September-December and March-May.

Rain gear is important! We plan to be outside everyday and being dry is critical. While there are other companies offering great products, we have been very pleased with the Oaki one piece rain suits and boots. We wear them in the rain, on sunny days when the ground is wet, puddle stomping, exploring, and in the winter over our snow clothes when the snow is particularly wet. To order one-piece rain suits, rain boots, etc go to .  Best to order bigger so that the suits fit over our snow gear. Don't forget to use our 25% discount with free shipping by using the code Dewey25 when you check out. 


Tuition Payment 

We are happy to accept personal checks payable to:

The Dewey School

PO BOX 246

Canterbury, NH 03224