Employment Information

Thank you for your interest in The Dewey School.


The Dewey School is a dynamic combination of nature, art, and play designed for early learners ages 3-5. Located at the historic Canterbury Shaker Village, The Dewey School is seeking compassionate educators that are collaborative and flexible colleagues that have the whole child as their priority and view the outdoors as an avenue for emergent curriculum through natural connections.  

We view children as capable and competent contributors and believe the developmentally appropriate practices of nature-based learning and play, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, provide children with a strong foundation of authentic learning.

Our ideal candidate is child centered... not because children are cute, but because they are important. They are our future!  We are seeking someone who takes initiative in the day to day tasks of our small school, someone that can collaborate with a team (that means communicating and flexing with them honestly), someone who is genuine and is seeking a position because their greatest love is teaching children about the world around them. We will be outside every day discovering the world.  Are you okay being out in the cold, the rain, the wind, the sun, and the heat with a joyful disposition? Are you able to lead an exploration outside?  Will you puddle stomp?  Will you roll in the grass?  How do you feel about tree climbing and newts?

We seek an educator who understands the developmental process of the 3-5 year old and knows that children express themselves in a hundred different ways. We do not subscribe to a "sky is blue, grass is green" mentality. 

If you have similar views and hold children with similar regard,  then please complete our on-line application if you would care to be considered for employment at The Dewey School. 

Mindy Beltramo, MEd