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Why hydroponic gardens?

Conversations and exploration of life cycles, nurturing healthy eating habits, and strengthening senses and motor skills enrich our daily learning.

Hydroponic gardens will provide hands-on experiences exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), nutrition, and sustainability.

Our objective is to provide new opportunities that will ignite BIG questions, strengthen problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and learn through curiosity.  

We raised $2,875! 
Thank You for your generous donations!

Why trail cameras?

Our daily adventures incorporate tracking, identifying scat, seeking signs of homes and/or beds, listening for animal calls, and observing the natural world we share with Earth's creatures. 


Trail cameras will allow us to capture images and track wildlife with minimal disruption. 

Why strengthen our Visiting Artist Program?

Exploration of our feelings and expression and discovery of ourselves has been strengthened with music circles, fiddle exploration, dance, and so much more each day.

The visiting artist program provides the opportunity to invite local artists, creators, movers and makers to share their art practice with our community.  

How can you volunteer?


Become a Collaborative Partner as an individual or company that is interested in connecting early learners to the natural world while strengthening our foundation as a school.

Become an Enrichment Demonstrator by sharing your talents with us.

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