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Ways You Can Give

Giving comes in many ways; volunteering, sharing skillsets, financial contributions, and advocating for early education.  You can make a difference in our community with any form in which you chose to give.  Here are a few ways you can support our program. 


Dewey Gear

Look good and do good by sporting Dewey Gear! From hats to t-shirts, we"ve got you covered.

Purchase HERE


Wish Lists

You can make student and teacher wishes come true by purchasing items on Amazon or looking around your home. Your trash may be just the treasure we are looking for!


Amazon Wish List

Click HERE


Dewey Treasure List 

Click HERE


One More Story Campaign

Books provide answers, create curiosity, and strengthen pre-literacy skills.  By donating to our Scholastic Campaign you will help grow our Dewey Community Library and take part in our literacy journey!  

Click HERE to learn more.

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