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Make a difference today!


It is the mission of the Dewey School to offer early learning rooted in play and exploration of the natural world. Our nature-based program utilizes the historic Canterbury Shaker Village to allow children to explore the natural wonder that surrounds us. From the Shaker architecture to the walking trails that lead to endless adventure, children investigate insects, animal tracks, trees (which are tapped to collect sap and make syrup) and watch the seasons unfold. The observations outside lead to in-depth investigations inside and are further expanded upon through our collaborating artists and educators programs. 


November 28th is a day of giving, a day of showing our community love and support.  Last year, the generosity of our supporters helped purchase snowshoes for our students, continue our music programs and create an agricultural program through the establishment of a Dewey school garden.  This year we have HUGE goals we hope you can make happen!

  • Recruit 2 new volunteers to share their skillset with us such as; Whittling, Pottery, Knitting, Weaving, and any other skill you know!  Learn more HERE

  • Raise $5,000.00 to expand upon our art and music programs with supplies, tools, and special guests as well as establish a scholarship program for families in need to continue with Dewey's mission to be diverse and inclusive.  Simply donate by clicking the choose amount button on this page.

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