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Final and Flow

Sit on the floor, cross-legged from the start

Hands in namaste, or resting on your heart.

Your roots are heavy as your trunk grows tall

Closing your eyes while feeling all!

SO you now have all the positions. You ARE ready for the sun salutation sequence.

Stand with your family. Take three breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Follow this sequence: Elephant (trunk up and then down), frog, dog, cat and snake


Do the poses in the opposite order: after snake, cat, dog, frog, elephant (trunk down and then up) and then go back to standing tall and straight. Do as many times as you would like. At the end, sit in lotus. Feel the peace!



Dec 11-Dec 29 Magic Journey

December 22 Solstice Celebration

Dec 23-Jan 4  Holiday Vacation

Jan 22 Community Event at Gunstock



to our December birthday friends

Liam                        Dec 6

Josie                        Dec 6

Erin                         Dec 14

Annette                   Dec 30


The Dewey School would welcome donations of any of the following:


Floor puzzles (trains, dinosaurs, wildlife, nature, states, alphabet)

Sensory Bin Fillers:

*packing peanuts

*cardboard tubes

*bird seed

*cotton balls

*rubber bands


Materials and Tools

*tape: colored masking tape

*smallish shovels

Outside Messy Materials

*rope for bridges

*plastic culvert


*outdoor musical instruments





Think Gardening

Real gardening tools for our garden

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