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Whatchin' and Waitin'

So what happens with that seed, anyway? Have you started your scarlet runner bean and your sunflower seeds? I started my study on April 19. I've been watching my little scarlet runner bean seed sprout in it's green house that I have created that is hung on my window. I'm watchin' and waitin' everyday.

I have one scarlet runner bean seed and a baggie to document my start date.

Be sure to soak the scarlet runner bean in water over night.

Moisten the cosmetic pad so that it is soaked, but the extra water has been squeezed out.

Put the bean in the bag with the moistened pad and hang in a south or southwest facing window so that the bean is closest to the window. Be sure to draw/sketch your observations.

We sprouted!!

We are getting leaves and roots! Look at the "greenhouse" effect occurring in the baggie.

Can't wait to hear about your seeds!


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The Dewey School would welcome donations of any of the following:


Yard Carts (2)

Bell Tent


Sensory Bin Fillers:

*packing peanuts

*cardboard tubes

*bird seed

*cotton balls

*rubber bands


Materials and Tools


*smallish shovels

Outside Messy Materials

*rope for bridges

*plastic culvert


*outdoor musical instruments





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